World Water Day 2016: Informing, Engaging, and Inspiring Action

Today is World Water Day, a time to learn more about serious water issues that people are facing all around the world. UN-Water, the agency that oversees the UN’s work on water and sanitation problems, has organized this annual campaign since 1993, setting a new theme each year to draw attention to current or future water based challenges. This year, UN-Water is highlighting the relationship between greater access to better water and a higher quality of life.

UN-Water and its partners around the globe aim to inform, engage, and inspire action each World Water Day, and NClear Inc. is proud to stand among them as we continue our mission to make a recognizable difference in the world by providing real solutions to the serious problems that plague our water bodies. Currently, we’re using our patent-pending nanocrystal technology to battle issues, such as:

Eutrophication, which is the excessive growth of algae and phytoplankton due to an increased use of fertilizers and a higher level of phosphate consumption. When phosphates enter a body of water, they become soluble and harder to remove through wastewater treatment systems, opening the door for a toxic algae invasion.

Toxic Algae, which is a concentration of micro algae that produce toxins. Toxic algae is the result of excess phosphorus in the water, and it can pose significant health risks to humans, land animals, and other aquatic life.

Anoxia, which occurs when algal blooms are so vast that they block light from reaching plant life beneath the surface of the water. When the plants die and decay, they deplete the oxygen in the water and release methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide gasses that rise to the surface and make their way into the atmosphere.

World Water Day is a great opportunity to learn more about these issues and the struggles people face when they don’t have access to safe and clean water. By educating yourself and taking action, you can help people all around the world enjoy a better life. Eutrophication, toxic algal blooms, and anoxia are spreading throughout the world at an alarming rate, and this is why NClear exists. Our nanocrystal technology is tackling all three of these problems at once, and we’re working hard to restore nature’s equilibrium to the world’s water bodies. To learn how NClear can help your business or community, contact us today!