U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Approves NClear Patents

In a culmination of an effort that began more than five years ago, NClear’s unique nanocrystal technology is now protected by two U.S. patents. This latest development in NClear’s journey not only ensures that co-inventors Steve Odom and Denny Ivey’s technology cannot be copied, but it also opens up the door for NClear to expand its influence and fulfill its mission more rapidly.

This effort began in 2011 when Steve set out to find a solution to the global toxic algae crisis. The first version of NClear’s nanocrystal technology was developed in 2012, and through rigorous research and trial and error, NClear 11 proved to be a breakthrough. It exceeded the binding efficacy and cost targets for phosphate removal, and was also surprisingly effective at removing metals, such as arsenic, lead, and copper. After this discovery, NClear’s team of chemists and engineers tweaked the formula for enhanced phosphate removal, resulting in NClear 14, which proved far superior to other similar media.

Since 2012, NClear has worked tirelessly to develop effective ways of mass producing NClear crystals to make them a cost-effective solution across various market segments. In 2014, NClear created an initial manufacturing process by designing and constructing a small, but scalable production line, thus proving that NClear nanotechnology can be mass-produced to meet the needs of commercial and municipal markets.

With NClear’s recent patent approval, more communities and industries can benefit from the speed, efficiency, and low cost of this groundbreaking nanocrystal technology. Whether a community is suffering from a toxic algae outbreak, or a local wastewater treatment plant is struggling to meet rigorous discharge limits, NClear can provide extensive relief, whether that involves reversing the effects of toxic algae pollution or preventing nutrient-rich sludge from entering a community’s water supply.

NClear is committed to making a recognizable difference in the world by providing a real solution to nutrient pollution, eutrophication, and toxic algae. If you’re currently struggling with contamination in surface water bodies, or with meeting wastewater discharge limits, contact us today to learn how we can help!0 Likes Share