The Implications of Toxic Algae Contamination

Toxic algae is an environmental concern that is gaining more notoriety in areas all around the globe, and many communities are experiencing firsthand how toxic algae not only pollutes water bodies and endangers aquatic life, but also compromises the safety of municipal drinking water, as seen two years ago in Toledo, Ohio and more recently in Ingleside, Texas.

Unlike water boil advisories, a toxic algae contamination requires the suspension of all water use until the problem is completely eradicated. Residents in contaminated areas are prevented from consuming local water in any way, including making ice cubes, preparing food, brushing teeth, or engaging in any of the countless other daily activities that require water consumption. If those living in a contaminated area decide to drink the water anyway, they may experience symptoms ranging from flu-like stomach ailments to much more serious health concerns, such as liver and kidney damage.

Most modern techniques that are used to battle toxic algae, such as those implemented in Toledo and Ingleside, are not only expensive, but they can take several days before they’ve worked well enough for residents to safely consume tap water. Fortunately, research conducted by scientists at NClear Inc. has yielded a more practical, efficient, and cost effective way of both eradicating toxic algae blooms and preventing them from occurring altogether.

When water is treated with NClear’s patent pending nanocrystals, phosphates adsorb (attach to) to the surface of the crystals. This permanently sequestering the phosphorus and prevents the growth of toxic algae. The excess phosphates can then be recovered, making them a renewable nutrient that can be extracted and used for other purposes. NClear nanocrystals can be applied at the source, such as in municipal/commercial wastewater treatment plants and agricultural/livestock retention ponds, or placed directly into surface water bodies.

Whether your manage a wastewater treatment facility or you’re looking for an economical and effective way to ensure that residents in your community never have to worry about consuming contaminated drinking water, NClear can help. Contact us today to learn more about our commitment to restoring nature’s equilibrium to the world’s water bodies.