Case study: Coweta County TPX™ Digester

Benefits of TPX™ as an Additive to POTW Digesters

Case Study: Coweta County, GA


NClear, Inc. (NClear) conducted a detailed pilot evaluation (PE) of its TPX™ calcium-silicate nanocrystal product as a digester additive in conjunction with the Shenandoah Wastewater Plant (the “Plant”) operated by Coweta County Water and Sewerage Authority (CCWSA) in Newnan, Georgia. The objective was to evaluate the impact of TPX™ on (i) managing Total Phosphorus (TP) effluent levels, (ii) improving solids settling in the digester, (iii) improving dewatering to increase solids content in the belt press filtrate, and (iv) reducing polymer usage. To clearly evaluate benefits, NClear partnered with CCWSA to utilize the Shenandoah plant because it has two digesters which can be operated independently, sludge handling via belt press with solids handling and delivery to landfill, and a discharge permit limit for TP.
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