Integrated Services

NClear offers integrated services for all of the company’s proprietary technologies.  While both TPX™ and ElectrX™ are available as standalone treatment applications to solve many complex waterborne nutrient challenges, it is often advantageous to incorporate both technologies for ultimate removal efficiency.  Additionally, our technology often works seamlessly in conjunction with various industry-standard treatment components, including dissolved air floatation (DAF), suspended air floatation (SAF), filtration, clarifiers, mixers, cavitation equipment, etc. 

To truly maximize treatment efficiency, NClear engineers can design a complete treatment system that incorporates all of our client’s demands.  Further, we have the capabilities to integrate and build a complete turnkey system tailored to meet specific nutrient concerns.  NClear also offers mobile pilot evaluation (PE) systems capable of performing up to 10 gpm.  Often times performing a small-scale sidestream PE in advance of full-scale implementation is desirable; as such, NClear maintains a state-of-the-art mobile PE fleet containing an onboard process laboratory, TPX™ application equipment, DAF technology, advanced filtration, and our ElectrX™ technology.

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