ECX™ – Ammonia Treatment Technology

ECX™ High Efficiency Electrochemical Reactor Technology

ECX™ electrochemical cells provide industry leading efficiency to produce hypochlorous acid based on a patented monopolar, multi-pass circular configuration. As such, the design provides substantially longer residence time for the oxidation of ammonia into nitrogen gas. The design further ensures the electrodes have consistent electron emissions and current density over all electrode surface areas. Additionally, the unique physical and electrical design enhances flow and power efficiency and promotes longer anode/cathode life. The proprietary MMO (Mixed Metal Oxide) precious metal blend coating of the anodes is designed for maximum efficiency in converting ammonia into nitrogen gas and provides an extended life. ECX™ is also capable of oxidizing other contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, and other organic matter, thereby lowering BOD/COD levels. See ECX™ FAQ.

Performance Guarantee

All ECX™ electrochemical cells are guaranteed against defective parts for 18 months from startup. Additionally, the MMO anode coating under normal operating conditions is guaranteed for up to 5 years. Each ECX™ cell is guaranteed to produce its rated capacity of hypochlorous acid/sodium hypochlorite of approximately 4.5kW/kg of equivalent chlorine in optimal conditions of conductivity and chloride concentrations. Each electrochemical cell is optimized to deliver up to 2000mg/liter of equivalent chlorine at maximum rated flow rates. Additional cells can be added and configured to provide higher concentrations of hypochlorous acid and is scalable to treat unlimited water volumes.
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