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Industry Leading Technology

Chemically speaking, NClear is inert and similar to a calcium silicate grain of sand. It is a synthetic mineral that possesses a strong, permanent ionic bond, and every chemical element used in NClear is found in nearly all healthy lake bottoms. It is non-toxic and meets FDA GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) requirements, as well as US EPA Chronic/Acute Toxicity and Reproductivity guidelines. It has a highly effective rate of adsorption with high surface area, and it has a very hydrophobic flocculation in wastewater treatment.

Our Products


TPX™  is a patented non-toxic nanocrystal chemical compound consisting primarily of calcium silicate hydrates designed to create an optimal environment to promote Hydroxyapatite when applied to an aqueous solution rich in phosphates. TPX™ nanocrystals are engineered for optimal shape, size, purity and chemical ionic charges to create a strong attraction to soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP). The nanocrystals convert SRP to a solid crystal structure once bound to the nanocrystals, thereby permanently removing the SRP from the aqueous solution. TPX™  is the only economical treatment solution that does not pose any toxicity concerns. For more detailed information, please click here for the TPX™ – Technical Data Sheet.


Our patented ElectrX™ electrochemical cells produce very concentrated hypochlorous acid. The multi-pass configuration provides substantial residence time for the oxidation of ammonia into harmless nitrogen gas. Additionally, our unique physical and electrical design enhances flow and power efficiency which promotes longer anode/cathode life. ElectrX™ has also been proven to effectively oxidize other contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, and other organic matter, thereby lowering BOD/COD levels. For more detailed information, please click here.

Integration Services

NClear offers integrated services for all of the company’s proprietary technologies.  While both TPX™ and ElectrX™ are available as standalone treatment applications to solve many complex waterborne nutrient challenges, it is often advantageous to incorporate both technologies for ultimate removal efficiency.  Additionally, our technology often works seamlessly in conjunction with various industry-standard treatment components, including dissolved air floatation (DAF), suspended air floatation (SAF), filtration, clarifiers, mixers, cavitation equipment, etc.

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