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What are Nclear nanocrystals?

Chemically speaking, Nclear is inert and similar to a calcium silicate grain of sand. It is a synthetic mineral that possesses a strong, permanent ionic bond, and every chemical element used in Nclear is found in nearly all healthy lake bottoms. It is non-toxic and meets FDA GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) requirements, as well as US EPA Chronic/Acute Toxicity and Reproductivity guidelines. It has a highly effective rate of adsorption with high surface area, and it has a very hydrophobic flocculation in wastewater treatment.

Nclear 11

Nclear 11 nanocrystals are bi-pyramidal hexahydral crystals that have been engineered as an effective and efficient solution for removing phosphates, but is also highly effective at removing metals, such as arsenic, lead, and copper from water bodies.

Nclear 14

Nclear 14 nanocrystals are cuboid crystals and is our most effective formulation for phosphate removal.  Our testing has shown Nclear 14 to be up to 10 times more effective than other commonly used media for removing phosphates.  In addition, it has highly beneficial coagulation properties that makes it ideal for wastewater applications.


Aclear is made from highly active, enhanced microorganisms that have been isolated, cultivated, refined, concentrated, and mixed with naturally occurring microorganisms that are typically found in healthy lakes. It is safe and self-regulating, as Aclear microorganisms rapidly multiply until floc supply diminishes, then naturally and quickly die without further reproduction or creating any negative side effects. Lab tests using multiple core samples from Lake Apopka, Florida have shown that organic volatile solids have been reduced by approximately 40-45% just one week after applying Aclear technology.

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