Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Municipal wastewater plants are increasingly facing stricter phosphorus discharge limits as state and federal regulators grapple with nutrient pollution. Human and household waste, as well as industrial activity, are contributing a significant amount of phosphates that need to be removed before discharging into streams or rivers. Nclear nanocrystals are an efficient, effective, and natural solution. Nclear can safely treat water to virtually any discharge limit, and it can be administered at varying points in the wastewater plant. Whether treating the influent, before clarifiers, at a digester, or polishing before the effluent, non-toxic Nclear crystals are the right solution. However, dosing into a polishing clarifier would allow for the capture of Nclear and the recovery of phosphorus.

Nclear meets US EPA chronic/acute toxicity and reproductivity guidelines and FDA GRAS guidelines. We are currently in the process of NSF certification, which will allow Nclear to be used in potable water plants for phosphorus control, as well as metals elimination.

Additionally, Nclear provides cost-savings benefits to treatment plants. Because of its hydrophobicity and strong coagulant characteristics, Nclear will improve the dewatering of solids, reducing transport and disposal costs, utility and manpower costs, and other chemical costs.

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