Nclear began as a mission of founder Steve Odom to find a solution to the global eutrophication crisis. Steve first became aware of the problem in early 2011 while meeting with citrus farmers in south Florida. After countless hours of research and experimentation, Steve theorized that a synthetic mineral engineered from natural substances would adsorb and sequester phosphorus. In late 2011, Steve was introduced to Denny Ivey, a leading environmental chemist and owner of Environmental Labs and Services in Carrollton, Georgia. Steve and Denny began an arduous trial and error process to develop such a synthetic mineral in a lab environment using the following design criteria:

  • Safety (non-toxic and safe to handle, deploy, and treat)

  • Ease of deployment

  • Efficacy criteria to meet cost and binding adsorption capacity

  • Permanence (must permanently bind phosphorus)

  • Breadth of application (must work over a wide range of environmental and pH conditions)

  • Aesthetics (natural in appearance and odor-free)

A breakthrough came in early 2012 when what was then referred to as Nclear version 1 (Nclear 1) showed promising results, but did not meet the desired efficacy criteria, and research efforts continued. Later that year, and 10 versions later, came Nclear 11, which proved to exceed binding efficacy and cost targets for phosphate removal. Additionally, and unexpectedly, it was discovered to be very effective at removing metals (including arsenic, lead, and copper). Further development to enhance the product for phosphate removal resulted in Nclear 14, which was proven in lab testing to be superior to other media for removal of phosphates, and met all of the initial design criteria. Five provisional patent applications were then filed to protect the newly developed technology.

In 2012, Nclear IP, LLC was formed as an intellectual property company with the goal of developing and licensing the technology to other companies desiring to manufacture and commercialize the product in various market segments. Nclear is made using new nano-crystal technology and manufacturing techniques that typical chemical toll manufacturers cannot match without considerable changes to their equipment and processes. Therefore, Nclear IP, LLC began the arduous process of developing a process to efficiently manufacture Nclear nano-technology in commercial quantities. In 2014, we created the initial manufacturing process and custom designed and constructed a small, but scalable production line. After proving that we could efficiently manufacture Nclear, a seed round of capital was raised from private investors that allowed the company to create a pilot manufacturing facility. At that time, we discovered that we could manufacture Nclear easily and cost effectively, so we changed our strategy to manufacture Nclear technology ourselves and sell into indirect markets. Simultaneously, we converted our provisional patents into a US Utility and a PCT patent applications, and we began filing the PCT patent in specific international targeted countries in order to (when all are approved) protect our technology in 47 countries.

In 2015, institutional capital was infused by Allegro Investments of Menlo Park, California, allowing the company to enhance its management team and expand into full scale production facilities in Atlanta, Georgia.

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