Press Release: NClear Inc. Adds Jim Ford to Board of Directors

ATLANTA, GEORGIA (PRWEB) JANUARY 10, 2017 NClear Inc. (NCI), a leader in nutrient removal technology, today announced the addition of Jim Ford to help the company expand the reach of its patented NClear™ crystals. Ford joins NCI’s Board of Directors with more than 25 years’ experience helping companies build commercial success through competitive differentiation, channel […]

Toxic Algae Puts America’s Summer Plans on Hold

If you type the words “toxic algae bloom” into a Google News search bar, you’ll find stories from the last few months about people all around the U.S. whose summer plans have been halted by toxic algae. Lakes and reservoirs in several states have been eerily quiet as residents and vacationers have been warned not […]

Press Release: NClear Inc. Hires Water Industry Veterans

ATLANTA, GEORGIA (PRWEB) AUGUST 02, 2016 NClear Inc. (NCI), an industry leader in nutrient removal technology, today announced the addition of two key individuals that will help them expand the reach of their patented NClear™ crystals. Shawn Luton has joined the company in the newly-created position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Jon […]

A Narrow Escape: How NClear Helped the Villa Rica WWTP

In the early morning hours of June 1, 2016, the West Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Villa Rica, Georgia, narrowly escaped financial and environmental disaster when a pipe broke and leaked 235,000 gallons of highly concentrated sludge back to the head of the plant. This caused phosphorus levels in the main basin to jump up […]

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Approves NClear Patents

In a culmination of an effort that began more than five years ago, NClear’s unique nanocrystal technology is now protected by two U.S. patents. This latest development in NClear’s journey not only ensures that co-inventors Steve Odom and Denny Ivey’s technology cannot be copied, but it also opens up the door for NClear to expand […]

What Is Eutrophication?

If you’ve ever walked along the shores of a lake and seen large patches of green algae, you may have been witnessing the effects of eutrophication. Eutrophication occurs when a body of water develops a surplus of phosphorus, often from pollutants such as fertilizers, industrial and agricultural runoff, and sewage. The excess phosphates allow for the […]

World Water Day 2016: Informing, Engaging, and Inspiring Action

Today is World Water Day, a time to learn more about serious water issues that people are facing all around the world. UN-Water, the agency that oversees the UN’s work on water and sanitation problems, has organized this annual campaign since 1993, setting a new theme each year to draw attention to current or future […]

The Implications of Toxic Algae Contamination

Toxic algae is an environmental concern that is gaining more notoriety in areas all around the globe, and many communities are experiencing firsthand how toxic algae not only pollutes water bodies and endangers aquatic life, but also compromises the safety of municipal drinking water, as seen two years ago in Toledo, Ohio and more recently […]