Municipal Wastewater

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Industrial Wastewater

TPX™ is a patented (US 9,434,624 & US 9,440,868), non-toxic nanocrystal chemical compound (base structure of CaxSixO2.83x(OH)0.33x) consisting of calcium silicate hydrates (C-S-H) and amorphous soluble chemicals designed to create an optimal environment to promote Hydroxyapatite when applied to an aqueous solution rich in phosphates. TPX™ nanocrystals are engineered for the optimal shape, size, purity, and chemical ionic charges to create a strong attraction to soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP). The nanocrystals convert SRP to a solid crystal structure once bound to the nanocrystals and thereby permanently remove the SRP from aqueous solutions. TPX™ is the only economical treatment solution that does not pose any toxicity or safety concerns.

Wastewater plants are increasingly subject to stricter discharge limits for P. This is particularly true for industrial wastewater plants, especially animal processing plants. TPX™ nanocrystals are the ideal treatment solution for these applications.

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Surface Water

Lakes, ponds, rivers, estuaries, and bays are subject to high levels of phosphorus concentration as a result of land runoff or discharges from other point sources. This can result in eutrophic effects such as toxic algae or hypoxia. NClear’s treatment technology uses a patented calcium-silicate nanocrystal technology (TPX™) to efficiently and permanently sequester phosphorus both in the water column and in the sediment. Our remediation process addresses the root cause (phosphorus) and not the symptom (toxic algae).

TPX™ crystals are engineered to optimize dissolved inorganic phosphorus removal. The phosphorus binds to the crystals and is permanently sequestered. The inert crystals with the bound phosphorus settle in the sediment, making the phosphorus permanently unavailable as a nutrient in the water column and will continue binding soluble phosphates that may become released from the sediment. TPX™ nanocrystals are non-toxic and have been verified to meet US EPA acute/chronic toxicity and reproductivity standards (EPA-821-R-02-012). NClear recently contracted with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) to demonstrate our surface water remediation technology to remove phosphorus from Lake Apopka, Florida.

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Commercial Process Water

NClear offers an innovative approach to mining process water treatment. The various mining industries utilize a significant amount of water during both the extraction and production processes. Particularly within the phosphate mining industry, this water is typically very acidic and laden in high nutrient content, which requires treatment prior to discharge. TPX™ and ElectrX™ have proven to be a very economical solution for such contaminated waters, especially when compared to other traditional treatment technologies.

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