About NClear

About NClear

Everything we do is designed to be your most valuable asset.

The NClear brand is brought to you by Creston Water Solutions, a company dedicated to bringing innovative ideas to the water industry worldwide. Creston’s NClear brand offers utilities a cost-effective, innovative, reliable, and sustainable solution to phosphorus removal and dewatering of biosolids.

Based in Wyoming, the rugged mountain terrain inspires us as a way of life to set our goals and standards high. With our can-do spirit, the brightest minds in engineering have already taken on some of the toughest environments on the globe, from off-shore platforms to remote jungles.

Whereas other companies may focus on chemicals, we insist on chemistry–the intelligent combination of people, ideas, and ultimately, solutions, that shift the paradigm forward. When others have peaked, we continue to advance to higher levels of performance.

As true problem solvers, we don’t hesitate to tackle a challenge to the industry. And the results speak for themselves.


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Reduce Phosphorus and Improve Biosolids Handling

Nutrient pollution, such as excess phosphorus in the water, is a widespread, costly, and challenging environmental problem. The solution is NClear. Not only does it enable utilities to reduce phosphorus in water systems, but it also reduces the amount of biosolids that go to landfills–a win-win for the environment.

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