Nclear nanocrystal technology is the most economical solution for phosphate removal

Nclear Inc. is dedicated to making a recognizable difference in the world by using groundbreaking, patent pending nanocrystal technology to restore the imbalance of nature while bringing surface water bodies back to their natural ecosystem. Nclear crystals are engineered for the optimal shape, size, purity, and chemical ionic charges to create the strongest attraction and chemical electrostatic charge possible, permanently removing excess phosphates from any body of water. Nclear nanocrystals can be applied at the source such as municipal/commercial wastewater treatment plants, agricultural/livestock retention ponds, or directly into surface water bodies.

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What are nanocrystals?

Nanocrystals are crystalline particles in the nanometer range. A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. Nclear nanocrystals range in size from 10nm to 1000 nm, and are by-pyramidal or cuboid structures. Phosphates are adsorbed (attached to) the surface of Nclear crystals, permanently sequestering the phosphorus in water bodies, preventing the growth of dangerous algae, while potentially turning excess phosphates into a recoverable, renewable nutrient.